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Our Philosophy

Due to the rapid economic growth of Taiwan in recent years, talents from all over the world want to come to Taiwan to start businesses and immigrate, and Taiwan lives in the center of Asia, it only takes a few hours to fly to Hong Kong/Tokyo/Seoul/Singapore.Moreover, and Taiwan’s price index is low, people’s knowledge The level is high, so starting a business in “Taiwan” is an excellent choice for your business.

Our Aim

It’s easy to start one thing, but it’s hard to do the best. Prestige Consultancy only focuses on  Setting up a company in Taiwan . We familiar with all Taiwan affairs and regulations, and cooperates with a professional accountant team. It also have corporate finance experts assist you in all business and follow-up services when they come to Taiwan, combined with the knowledge of each team, to provide  the best service for all of you.

Why choose Taiwan ?


Sufficient highly educated talents

According to statistics, Taiwan’s population in 2019 was 23.6 million, and 9.57 million (46.47%) had the highest education level.

Among them, 5.74 million had a university degree, 2.285 million had a junior college degree, and 1.54 million had a graduate school. The literacy rate of people under 64 years old is more than 99%.


High Economic Freedom
Emphasis on Democracy, Laws, and Freedom

As a member of the international organizations such as WTO and APEC, Taiwan is highly free in economic activities. It follows the international practices and has a healthy system to protect property rights. According to the “2021 Index of Economic Freedom” published by the Heritage Foundation  and the Wall Street Journal, Taiwan climbs five spots to No. 6 out of 184 economies in the world. 


Excellent and Advanced Infrastructure

Taiwan has complete international transportation facilities and logistic capability. Currently, Taiwan has 2 international airports-Taoyuan and Kaohsiung airports, and 7 international harbors, consisting of Kaohsiung harbor, Keelung harbor, Taichung harbor, Hwalian harbor, Anping harbor, Suaou harbor and Taipei harbor, in the order of their business volume.

Our Service


Set Up a Business in Taiwan


Recruitment Service& Headhunt


Business Matching Service

Service Detail

  • Foreigners can own and run a company in Taiwan.The Taiwan Company Act allows those kinds of company to be established:
  • Limited company 有限公司
  • Subsidiary 子公司
  • Foreign Branch 分公司
  • Representative Office 辦事處
  • Our specialized consultant team can assist your company to solve all types of recruitment difficulties for any job position.Our recruiting service covers all types of industries and positions.

Business Matching Service

  •  Provide a  business matching service, with the aim to expand your current sourcing profile through on-line networking with manufacturers and suppliers from Taiwan subject to your business scope and to promote bilateral trade.

If you need to consult the above plan and other services, please contact us

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